Why your lux pieces are looking anything but lux

June 22, 2018

Proof "you get what you pay for" is not always true. Just because you're buying pricey clothes, doesn't automatically mean your style game is going to be on point. But look on the bright side fixing this is also the key to making your cheaper pieces look expensive. Here's the one major mistake you could be making that is keeping you from looking your best:


Tailoring / Fit




No matter how much money you're dropping, if your outfit does not fit you properly you already missed the mark. This of course doesn't apply to pieces that are meant to be baggy. The key to always looking on point is buying clothes that fit your body right, learning how to tailor your clothes or having a tailor on hand. 

Fitted Look Inspiration Below

Pro Tip: Don't have the time to tailor or money to afford to go to one? Try adding a belt to take your ill fitting outfit to the next level. Want an edger look? Add a corset instead!























Shop my favorite staple belts:

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