Vacation Time - Here's What I'm Packing for the Island!

July 2, 2018

Summer is here, it's time to get our vacay on! There is nothing I love more than traveling, especially when it takes me to an island. I've grown up fortunately having a second home in Maui, so my family goes every couple months. Let's be honest though, sometimes vacations be so stressful you need a vacation from that vacation. Not to mention the stress that goes in to planning a trip and actually having to pack for it can be a nightmare. I'm a hard core over packer, it's a disease truly. If you're anything like me, I've got the cure right here. All the hottest summer vacation trends that you'll see so no more worrying about what to pack. These looks will have you feeling confident as you take on your own tropical vacation.


Trend #1: Hats - Go Big or Go Home


 Inspiration :                            Click to Shop these: 






















Trend #2: Leopard Print


 Inspiration :                             Click to Shop these: 





















Trend #3: Two is Better Than One


 Inspiration :                        Click to Shop these: 




















Trend #4: Vibrant Colors


 Inspiration :                        Click to Shop these: 
























Trend #5: Cinderella Shoes


 Inspiration :                             Click to Shop these: 




















Trend #6: The One and Done


 Inspiration :                         Click to Shop these: 

























Trend #7: Tiny Sunglasses


 Inspiration :                         Click to Shop these: 





















Trend #8: Straw Bags


 Inspiration :                           Click the Link to Shop these: 























Trend #9: Barely There Bikinis


 Inspiration :                           Click the Link to Shop these: 




































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