Q & A with me!

August 4, 2018

Q: Why did you go to FIDM & do you recommend it?


A: I chose to attend FIDM because I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry and it  came down to FIDM and FIT. While I love and adore New York, when I was 18 it seemed a tad scary to go that far all own my own. I chose to go to FIDM and enroll at the San Francisco campus to stay more local to my friends and family in the Bay Area. I choose to go a fashion school rather than a regular university because you can not beat the professors who all came out of the industry and focus on what you actually care about rather than taking 2 years of general education classes. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, they have an abundance of majors from  merchandise marketing, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, beauty merchandising, social media, visual communications and many more, they even have a major dedicated to DENIM! if you have any further questions about the application or interview process feel free to contact me personally!



Q: Celebrity Style Icon?


A: Dua Lipa, no debate. She’s the coolest human alive. We need to be friends.



Q: Who is your favorite designer/high end brand?


A: As far as actual designer goes I have always loved Oscar de la Renta, I think his designs embody female beauty and give so many women confidence. There’s so many talented designers that have really changed society thru their designs and I have so much respect and adoration for all of them. When it comes to a high end brand, call me basic but I’m totally a Gucci or Louis Vuitton girl. They can just take all my money because I need it all, Lol!



Q: Girl! You’re 21 now, you about to turn up?!


A: Haha! I'm very much enjoying it. Let's take that Napa trip :)



Q: Why aren't you on YouTube?


A: Lol! Why do you all keep asking me this!! You guys really want this to happen that bad?!



Q: Who is your favorite fashion blogger?


A: Such a tough question, I’m literally am obsessed with so many!!! But Aimee Song (@songofstyle) has to be one of my top. She has the perfect mix of class and cutting edge which is something that speaks to me. 



Q: What do you do besides run your blog?


A: I'm a visual merchandiser for Nordstrom. A VM Stylist means we have our assigned departments and we're in charge of floor plans/fixtures, mannequin styling, window designs and styling, basically anything visual you see in the store, lol.



Q: Are you into that ugly shoe trend?


A: Not my favorite trend of the times, but I don’t hate it! I think if you’re wearing it correctly it can be super cool. My go to is some straight cut jeans, oversized blazer, fanny pack across the chest, & the ugly sneakers.


Q: Top 3 affordable places you buy your clothes? Love your looks btw!


A: Thank you :) Topshop, Zara, Target (Who What Wear & A New Day Collections)



Q: Who does your hair!!!

A: I go to The State Coiffer in downtown Livermore and Rossio is my hair stylist there. She’s the best, I call her hair jesus! I highly recommend, 10/10! Her instagram is @hairbyrossio, dm her and book an appointment & say I referred you! :)



Q:  Where is your favorite place you have traveled?


A: I honestly though hands down it would be Paris, and Paris is of course amazing but it is absolutely Italy. The fashion, the food, the culture, the sights, the history, the wine and the people. Other places just don’t compare. I truly lived my best Lizzy Mcguire life there.



Q: Who is your favorite Instagram account you follow?


A: Sami Miro is the bee's knees, check her out! @samimiro or @samimirovintage



Q: Favorite Movie/Tv Show?


A: Movie - Clueless  TV Show - Friends or Sex in the City

Cher, Rachel Green & Carrie Bradshaw are my spirit animals.



Q: Can I be you?


A: You're much cooler than me, trust me. 



Q: Your pink hair was lit, are you gonna do it again?


A: I don't know about pink, probably other colors. Never say never!



Q: Your house/apartments always look perfect! Where do you buy furniture from?


A: thank you! To be honest home goods and Ross always have super cute affordable furniture. Website wise, overstock or wayfair are great too.


Q: What kind of dog is Andi?


A: my babyyyy!! She's a rescue, I know for sure she's part terrier, they didn't know what else. My guess would be she's a carin terrier. 



Q: I can't keep up, what is your natural hair?


A: Not many can, lmao. Blonde & curly


Q: Be my personal stylist please?


A: I got you dude, lets goooo



Q: Heels or sneakers?


A: Sneakers all day everyday. No questions asked.


Q: How tall are you?


A: Like 5'9 or 5'10

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